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Vampires/Werewolves - NefariousNerdette - 05-23-2020

I really like the way that your supernatural baddies work. It is awesome that there is a some Pseudo-Science behind it, being that it seems to be a virus that causes it, even if we do not know what that is yet. Ooooo, perhaps ancient era would cover the origins of these pesky lupine and blood-loving creatures?  Idea

RE: Vampires/Werewolves - BoonScrublord - 05-28-2020

So there's no real plans for anything in the Ancient Era yet, although I suspect it would involve the old, wicked deities of the 'verse, dimensional insanity, and the seeds of what would eventually become 'magic'.

RE: Vampires/Werewolves - NefariousNerdette - 06-02-2020

Ooooooo, I am excited for when it eventually gets to that.